From linen to cushions

A few weeks have passed, during which we have designed and produced our first range of 100% linen cushions, made in Marseille.

First screen prints

After perfecting our screen printing technique, we chose the designs we wanted to print on our cushions and created each of the corresponding frames. Obviously the choice of motifs was Cornélien. We had to combine aestheticism and technicality.

Then came the creation of the frames, which was a fun step. It was an opportunity to remember the hours we spent in the darkroom when we were younger to develop our argentic photos.

There are indeed some similarities. In particular the exposure of a photosensitive surface whose parts hidden by a mask will be dissolved during rinsing.

Our first 6 frames completed, our screen printing workshop and ready for the first printing of our linen cushions.ers cadres achevés, notre atelier de sérigraphie et prêt pour les premières impression de nos coussins en lin.

100% French linen

Then comes the moment to cut the first footage of the linen we have chosen. A nice 100% French linen from Lemaitre Demeestere, one of the oldest textile companies in France. Harvested in Normandy and the North of France, then woven in Halluin in the Hauts-de-France.

The generous grammage (390g/m²) and the careful weaving support our choice. We are looking forward to the final result and the cushions we are preparing.

A precise gesture

Before that, the silkscreen prints will have to be made. This is a delicate stage that we carry out by hand and for which we do not regret the hours spent perfecting.

The gesture must be precise. The inclination of the scraper, the pressure applied, the soft and firm movement at the same time for a perfect result. We will repeat this gesture over and over again and always when we lift the screen, it is with the same anxiety and surprise that we discover the result on the linen canvas. After several dozen printed cushions our gesture becomes more secure and we quickly complete this first series.

We are almost there...

This time it's time for assembly. Zippers, composition claws, nothing must be neglected, and it is our brand new 5-thread overlocking machine that will perfect this assembly with speed and precision.

As a final step, turn the covers over and fill them with the hypoallergenic padding (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified).

Finally, the time has come to discover our very first 100% French linen cushions. The quality of the linen, the colours, the silk-screen printing, the assembly... The result is up to our expectations.

With pleasure and pride we contemplate our first production of cushions made in Marseille " Matelot Vert ".

We hope you will like it as much as we do...

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