In the beginning...

In the beginning there is a meeting and quickly a desire to share, to create together... A life, travels, a home, projects...

After the completion and success of the renovation of our beautiful house, we still had the desire and probably the need to create and build together.

A simple idea

And then there was an idea, a desire, simply to give meaning to the gifts we would give to our loved ones for Christmas.

Here we are launched into the creation of small decorative objects. A few weeks later our creations are under the tree. Enchanted by this new experience with 4 hands we begin to nourish a new adventure... We start to create our own brand.


It's an exciting time, the Pandora's box of creation is open, ideas fuse, concepts twirl around. Our imagination has no limits, our sketchbook is soon full of ideas, each one crazier and more attractive than the last.

But we must rest our feet on the ground, we don't have the firepower of a multinational and we must concentrate on our primary ambition, that of creating and manufacturing in France objects that resemble us, that reflect us, our history.


The time has come to sort out all these ideas, to refocus on our respective desires and know-how. To take stock of the means and tools we have and could have at our disposal. We have decided to embark on an initial range of 100% linen cushions with the ambition to create and produce our own screen prints. To this we will add a range of luminaries whose first sketches seem to us promising and feasible. On the same basis, we will be offering hanging lamps, wall lights and table lamps.

Within a few weeks we equip ourselves and develop our first screen prints. We become members of Make it MarseilleA coworking area in Marseilles, which will provide us with the space and tools needed to make the first prototypes of lighting fixtures.

Matelot Vert

At the same time we have to formalise this adventure, find a name, a logo. Something that makes sense, that fits with our history. We then dig into our memories and quickly come up with a multitude of nicknames that her father used to give her when she was a child.

Amongst these nicknames "Matelot Vert" (green sailor) amuses us, challenges us and little by little interferes in our history and ends up imposing itself on us. Searching for brands, domain names, etc... The way is clear, it is decided Matelot vert will accompany us in this beautiful adventure...


One thought on “Au commencement…

  1. Estelle-Anne Spicq says:

    We received our three Ouessant wenge wall lights today. They are beautiful, just like in the photo. The materials are of high quality. Ordering, delivery and effective communication even though we live abroad. The production of our third wall light was very fast. We are extremely satisfied with our purchase. Green Sailor's hat for your beautiful products and your professionalism! Thank you very much!

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