Lamps made in Marseille

Lighting fixtures made in Marseille

We've been tinkering for a long time, we have fun diverting objects to make our own lighting fixtures. Sieves for hanging lights, jam jars for wall lights, driftwood and pebbles for table lamps.

We like and enjoy all this, of course, but is it very original? Let's face it, all this is not very new!

Finding our own identity

We quickly realised that the creators of all kinds of lighting fixtures did not wait for us. All our sketches come up against the same conclusion: "Déjà vu, déjà fait! ». Of course, we do not claim to revolutionize the world of lighting, but we want a design that looks like us. At the same time modern and warm, contemporary of course, but without cutting us off from our history, our memories. Sketch after sketch, idea after idea, our horizon is becoming clearer... The choice of materials first. Plexiglas for its transparency, its modernity and wood of course, for its warmth and authenticity. A stroll through the 30's and its Decorative Arts and there we have our inspiration. The rest is quickly out of our imagination and with 4 hands we are building the outlines of our first range of lighting fixtures.

From sketch to completion

Now we need to materialise these ideas. On paper, all this is beautiful but not necessarily easy to implement with the means at our disposal. For the structure no problem. We will use the tools made available to us by Make it Marseille and in particular the laser cutting machine. Thanks to this we obtain a perfectly finished and adjusted framework for our lamps.

For the covering, it gets more complicated. Flat panels will have to be transformed and given perfect curves so that they fit precisely and elegantly into the structures. This step was the most delicate. We started our work over and over again. Adjusting, inventing, correcting and after dozens of prototypes we finally perfected the tools and the manufacturing process. We won't tell you more because we also have our little secrets... Translated with (free version)

And the light was

For the electrical part, here again we have to be persistent in finding a supplier that meets our requirements:

  • Quality products certified to European standards.
  • Manufacturing as close as possible to our workshop in Marseille.

In the end it is not in Marseille that we find our gem, but not so far away. At our neighbours, just across the Alps, near Turin in Italy. Quality products made in Italy in accordance with European standards.

This time we've got our range of lights! Quickly we are declining it in pendant lamps, wall lamps and table lamps. Although satisfied, we still lack something... We decide to add the Wenge finish, which will perfectly complete the range with the already existing Oak.

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